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Our Story

Greetings From Our Founder

Hello fellow pet parents! Thank you for visiting Camelot Nutritionals. Camelot Nutritionals was inspired by my dog ‘John Crichton’. Crichton is a very active and vocal 5 years young German Shepherd Dog. 

It started with a limp and dragging of his hind legs last year and then he lost the ability to walk. When I took him to the vet, I was told that he had developed neurological and hip disorders common in many large breed dogs; degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, pinched nerve, arthritis... Pending further tests, Crichton showed symptoms of them all... It was horrible. I left the vet's office sick to my stomach.     

The vet prescribed a course of steroids, but Crichton didn’t like the side effects. On a follow-up call, Crichton's veterinarian, an amazingly caring and compassionate professional, gently suggested the option of putting Crichton to sleep permanently. I was heartbroken, but the vet was right. I had to think about Crichton’s quality of life. Crichton is over 100+ lbs and too heavy for me to lift up like a puppy… How does a dog who’s lost his mobility ‘do his business’ (go to the bathroom), eat, exercise and play; could Crichton still ‘be a dog’? 

How about my quality of life? How do I take care of him when I can’t even take Crichton to the vet in my car and instead always needing to rely on animal ambulance transport. He’s only 5 years old! I’ve had German Shepherds all my life, with every one of them living into their natural old age. I was not ready to let Crichton go. 

After I dried my tears, I decided to do take matters into my own hands. I learned as much as I could about Crichton’s conditions and researched natural supplements that could help. I purchased many different brands and types of pet supplements to try out on him and that’s when I discovered the following:

- I needed several different bottles and brands of dog supplements just to get the combination of ingredients and strengths that I wanted for Crichton – and it got very expensive for me… I thought, why doesn’t someone get rid of all the fillers and just put the most relevant ingredients and dosage into one bottle, so that it’s affordable and hassle-free for pet parents. 

- Not all pet supplements are created equal. Even if the ingredients and strengths on the label were similar, the quality varied widely between brands. I noticed that Crichton did better on some brands then he did on others. I guessed pet supplements just don’t get the same care and high standards as their human counterparts. 

Finally, it dawned on me that there must be other pet parents out there in the same frustrating situation that I was in at the time and here’s what I did about it. 

1. I searched, interviewed and qualified top tier American supplement manufacturers to find partners that recognized the unique needs and concerns of pet parents. 

2. I wanted a custom formula with the combination of advanced premium quality ingredients at maximum strengths that would benefit Crichton and other pets in similar situations. 

3. I demanded all natural, advanced, premium human grade ingredients for maximum effectiveness.  

4. It must be Made In USA in FDA and GMP compliant facilities to ensure effectiveness, quality and consistency. 

5. Last but not least, it must be affordable and delicious even for finicky dogs and cats. 

One year later with substantial investment in time and personal resources, I founded Camelot Nutritionals with our flagship product – Camelot Pets Advanced Super Premium Multi-Action Hip & Joint Plus For Dogs & Cats. Yes, Crichton's the German Shepherd on the label :)

Today, Crichton is doing very well! He can do his business as needed (go to the bathroom on his own), eat and play with his brother 'Minister Ahkna' (scroll down to read about our Chief Taste Tester). Crichton can walk for about 200 feet and even jog and run for about 100 feet, he’ll go so fast that I often need to chase after him! Then he’ll rest his hips and legs for a short while before he gets back up again to play a game of short fetch. 

Crichton can’t scale six feet fences and play Frisbee fetch like he used to, but I will trade that over putting him to sleep any day! 

It's a beautiful afternoon here in Southern California as I write this and I can't wait to go home and see Crichton and his little brother greet me at the door and beckoning me to play! 

Here's To Wishing You & Your Fur Children Much Love, Health & Happiness! 

Sincerely, Candace & The Gang At Camelot Nutritionals USA


Re. Picture - That's 'John Crichton' on the right with his little brother 'Minister Ahkna'. 

The boys were named after characters from the science fiction series Farscape :) 

Scroll down for more about Minister Ahkna, our very finicky 'Chief Taste Tester'. 

Minister Ahkna - Our Chief Taste Tester

Minister Ahkna is also our 'Chief Taste Tester'.  He is an exceptionally finicky German Shepherd Dog - He's given me many a ‘ma... I’m not a dog, I’m a little boy trapped in dog body, you can’t expect me to eat this stuff' look for anything from home cooked meals to kibbles to treats. 

The ‘starve him until he eats it' strategy doesn’t work either. He would rather starve than eat something he doesn’t like, or until I give in. I think he must've been a Michelin chef in his past life! :)

So Camelot Pet supplements must first pass the Minister Ahkna taste test and we're happy to report that he LOVES it! Brings back memories of the old 'Life Cereal: Mikey Likes It Commercial', lol.